City of De Kalb

City Hall           903-667-2410    
Water Office     903-667-5170
Court               903-667-3846
PD non-emer     903-667-2095
Animal Control   903-667-0903
Dennis Wandrey
David Meadows
Mayor Pro-Term
City Councilman Place 3
Mike DeBerry
City Councilman Place 1
Mike Farris
City Councilman Place 2
Willie Betts
Councilman Place 4
Obie Adams
Councilman Place 5

Other Officals

Joni Haldeman
City Judge
Paula Booth
Court Clerk
Shawne Walraven
Police Chief
Ross Willingham
Animal Control
Robbie Barrett
Fire Chief
Abbi Baker
City Secretary/Administrator
Lynn Langdon
Deputy City Secretary/Accounting
Joni Reed-Taylor
City Clerk
Matt McAdoo
Public Works Director







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