De Kalb, Texas

Chamber of Commerce

Have a room with a view, or just a big back yard with one...



De Kalb invites you to join its Chamber of Commerce!!


We encourage you to do business in our community and when our community doesnít offer certain services or products that you need, we encourage you to do business with our out of town members!


To the out of town businesses and organizations which our citizens have always supported, we hope you will return the loyalty of our citizens by joining our Chamber of Commerce and participating in our local events and activities.


The current Board Members are listed on the very first page of this web site and we hope you will use this site to send us your ideas and thoughts on how to make our community an even better place to live.


As you do review the Business and Organization sections, if you arenít there, we would love to have you join.† Those who may wish to locate a business here or perhaps move here would probably love to know about ALL of our businesses and organizations.†


Each year when the Chamber has its annual banquet in March, it honors an individual with the Noble Award, named after Mr. Noble Bates, who contributed significantly to this community.† We like to say that this award is given to those who represent the

Heart of the Community.†


Past Noble Award Winners are:

Noble Bates

Norman Moser

Sybil Young

J.C. & Lois Coggins

Roy Blankenship

Norris Howell

Willie Ruth Daniels

Bill Willis

Dan Atchley

Mary Clinton

Coy Jaggers

Billy Blakeney

Vernon Shaw

Allen J. Cooper

Fred Gilliam

Dr. K.C. Hillis

Don Foster

Wesley McMillan



These individuals have served our community each in their own special ways.† We hope that you will want to continue to volunteer for and participate in events and activities, clubs, organizations, and governmental offices to continue to help our community grow in the most positive and exciting way possible.†


Letís work hard to use this Web Site as a way to reach out to those who would live, work, and do business here who perhaps donít know about our community yet, or donít know just how special it is.


If you find errors on the Web Site, please let us know immediately so that we can correct your information for you.††


Our meetings are on the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 at the

Williamís House.

Please send us an email if youíd like to put something on our agenda.


We welcome your ideas and appreciate your support!!!