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Plant, plant, plant!!!!  Our old growth trees are gradually dying or being cut down, plant new ones.  Ornamental trees are pretty but can never offer the beauty and stability of the more majestic Oak, Maple or Magnolia.  We suggest planting some slow growing trees along with the ornamental and faster growing ones.  For shrubs, use native shrubs like Texas Sage for full sun.  Bulbs are no hassle items and do well in sun.


Aside, from plants and trees, improve your neighborhoods appearance with new paint or building materials.  Offer to help those around you if they need an extra hand in making improvements.  Increasing the value of our local property helps everyone!!!  So, be neighborly...offer to helps you too.


If you have junk in your yard or disabled vehicles, please get rid of both.  It’s unsightly and devalues our property.  If you have some sort of shop, make it look nice, and more like a residential structure, clean up the clutter!!! REMEMBER, FIRST SAT. OF EVERY MONTH FROM 8-12 the City Dump is open to the public! (you cannot dump anything with Freon in it...please drain it first)

We have a charming town.  Do your part to clean up your business or residence so you aren’t the one making it look very un-charming.  Your fellow citizens will notice and appreciate your efforts. 



This has been on the site for a long time.  Many of you do watch out for your neighbor’s property.  However, lets be more aggressive and let would be criminals know we are watching.  It’s your town to, organize your own neighborhood watch group.  Our city officials will help you. 

Please report ALL suspicious activity, even if it doesn’t result in an arrest the first time, it will eventually once the offender has been called in enough times. 






Have a room with a view, or just a big back yard with one...

Help form new Arts groups









Help us get a group started...


Ask about:

The project to convert the old railroad right of way to trails for walkers, horses, bicycles, and hikers.


Keith Shelton—903.748.9007


 Volunteers are needed!!


Text Box: Remember, to always be a good host to our visitors whether you are a business owner or not.  We are one of the few places left where a person or family can buy beautiful land at great prices and get the small town atmosphere with friendly people who welcome newcomers.  Do your part to make tourists and visitors welcome. Put your business or organization on the web site so that people searching through the Internet looking glass can see what all we have to offer here in De Kalb.