De Kalb, Texas

Chamber of Commerce

Have a room with a view, or just a big back yard with one...

The De Kalb Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to refuse to place information in this section. Items placed here are meant to be helpful to our community and are not endorsed, screened, or sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce or the City of De Kalb, but are here only in an effort to promote communication between our citizens in areas that are positive and beneficial.

You must be a member to use these services.

PET CORNER-If you are seeking to adopt out an animal or locate one to adopt, please email us at [email protected]  Owners and persons adopting bear complete responsibility for the soundness and health of the animal.



JOBS/PROFESSIONS– Please post any available jobs here.  You must be a member of the Chamber of Commerce to use this space and are responsible for your own employee screening.

BOOK SWAP/TRADE– If you have audio books or other books to sell, or are looking for a particular title please let us know.


Anyone interested in audio books?  Call 903.667.9000


We need volunteers for a library that is taking shape in De Kalb!!!!!!!

WILLIAMS HOUSE MUSEUM—Have an historical item, or something that pertains to our  towns history or citizens that you would like to share with our museum?  Call: 903/667-3706


Williams House needs just a little more money to build the Pavillion which could be completed by June.  Call to make donations. 





RIDE SHARE—Do you attend classes in a nearby town or want to carpool to work?  Please let us know if you want to post your name and phone number here along with dates and times when carpooling is desired.

HEALTH AND FITNESS—Need someone to walk/run/exercise with and can’t find anyone?  Email your name and the times you can workout and we will post it here. 


Anyone interested in martial arts, particularly Thai boxing, or Muy Thai?  Please email us your contact info.  We have a member in the area who wants someone to work out with.